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First Post of 2011

I realize I haven't posted in..... forever? Yeah that sounds right. 
I am not feeling well and I have been sleeping on and off for a great deal of today. This is the time where I seem to be up or something. 
CTV has just shut down programming, LOL. 

So much has happened since I posted a really long post so I will just focus on the main details. 

I met someone. I actually have a girlfriend. We met in July of last year and our first date was August 2nd. 
Her name is Margaret, we met at a club where we both couldn't get the guts up to talk to each other for like an hour or something. 
Finally she motioned with one finger for me to come over there. I was so nervous that the only things I could say were "whats your name? can I have your phone number? and what do you do for a living?" It was the Thursday before Pride and I didn't see her for the rest of Pride but thought about her non stop. I knew she was a writer so I invited her that Monday to a poetry slam. She actually came, I didn't think she would but she did. We had an awesome time, I met her brother and a friend and her brother invited me back to their house to drink wine and hang out. 
The boys promptly left the room when we got to the house but we stayed up and watched a movie, and talked, and made out etc. Best first date ever! 

A few weeks later she had to go back to Winnipeg for a doctor's consult. She is still there. 
She flew me out in October for a couple weeks and we got to be together for awhile. We called it Extreme Lesbian Dating because she was at her parents place. It was all really wonderful.