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Oh Tuesdays!

Every Tuesday I hang out with two friends and we watch Doctor Who or something else. Just the three of us. Lately we were watching BBC Pride and Prejudice. 

Today however, we watched the first 4 episodes of Xena Warrior Princess!!! I forgot how much fun this show was! We laughed at the camp and just squee-d over Xena and Gabrielle. I really just want to keep watching, oddly addictive. 

Vancouver what is with the muggy weather? So warm and gross today then it rained. Blah. I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow so I can go see 
"Roman Holiday" in the park. Praying for no rain. 

On the eve of Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals my Vancouver Canucks vs. Boston Bruins..... I am supposed to be stressed but hopeful. 

But no, I'm just angry and it doesn't even have anything to do with the game. 
I'm angry that I told my friend that something upset me and he didn't take it seriously. 

Kevin McHale who plays Artie on Glee tweeted me back!!!!


West Coast Life

In Awesome News....

Vancouver Canucks are going to the Stanley Cup Finals!!!! 

Seriously the coolest thing ever!!!! I love my hockey team.
Vancouver was going crazy Tuesday!!! I even went to the madhouse downtown that was
Granville St.


Glee pulled off an adorably amazing finale, and they put Sam & Mercedes together! Cuteness


JJ is back on Criminal Minds! Hope for next Season!


Going to start watching The Good Wife this summer


So You Think You Can Dance is back!!! I love Cat Deely!
Why do they have to do the format of last year? 

I'm currently in Chilliwack this weekend because it's my Mom's birthday.
My cousin's hubby helped write a musical so we are going to see that tomorrow.
Misty Hill Automaton

Still job hunting. No actual luck in that department. Thinking about going to
school to take Electronic Media and make websites and stuff.

I will try and update sooner.

Life moves along....

My girlfriend and I broke up. More like, she broke up with me. Slow but sure, I will get over it. 

In better news Stanley Cup Playoffs have started!! 
Vancouver Canucks have the President's Trophy (for those who don't follow hockey, we are the best team this season.
We get the Chicago Blackhawks which is our arch rival lately. They sent us packing two years in a row during the playoffs in the second round.
Game 1 was last night, it was epic and awesome. Shut out. Win 3 more times and we get rid of Chicago finally.
Game 2 is tomorrow.

In other Canadian hockey news, Montreal Canadiens just beat Boston Bruins by the same score that we beat Chicago. 2 - 0. 
Way to go Canadian teams!!! 

I have been watching Body of Proof lately, I love Dana Delany in it. It's not the best show but it has some spunk and doesn't take itself all 
too seriously. Jeri Ryan from Star Trek Voyager is in it, she is looking amazing!!! Wish they would give her more to do. 

Also been watching Camelot. So pretty to look at but no depth at all really. Seems to be doing a Televised Coles Notes version of the King Arthur Legend. 


Today is weirdly important. March 14th, doesn't sound important. 
Today is the day of my girlfriend's knee surgery. The surgery that pretty much took her from me in August, that she has been waiting for... for longer than I have known her actually. 
Sounds fairly normal but she is fighting away a cold. 
The cold could keep her from getting her surgery. 
If Margaret gets her surgery today, I might get to have her back by June. Recovery could take a couple months and stuff. 
I really miss her and I really want her back. 

First Post of 2011

I realize I haven't posted in..... forever? Yeah that sounds right. 
I am not feeling well and I have been sleeping on and off for a great deal of today. This is the time where I seem to be up or something. 
CTV has just shut down programming, LOL. 

So much has happened since I posted a really long post so I will just focus on the main details. 

I met someone. I actually have a girlfriend. We met in July of last year and our first date was August 2nd. 
Her name is Margaret, we met at a club where we both couldn't get the guts up to talk to each other for like an hour or something. 
Finally she motioned with one finger for me to come over there. I was so nervous that the only things I could say were "whats your name? can I have your phone number? and what do you do for a living?" It was the Thursday before Pride and I didn't see her for the rest of Pride but thought about her non stop. I knew she was a writer so I invited her that Monday to a poetry slam. She actually came, I didn't think she would but she did. We had an awesome time, I met her brother and a friend and her brother invited me back to their house to drink wine and hang out. 
The boys promptly left the room when we got to the house but we stayed up and watched a movie, and talked, and made out etc. Best first date ever! 

A few weeks later she had to go back to Winnipeg for a doctor's consult. She is still there. 
She flew me out in October for a couple weeks and we got to be together for awhile. We called it Extreme Lesbian Dating because she was at her parents place. It was all really wonderful. 

Writer's Block: Sharing something cool.

Who's the first person you think of when you want to share something cool?

I always want to tell my girlfriend first. 
I usually tell her everything. 

I want a girlfriend

I know this sounds pathetic, but maybe if I throw it out into the world it will sometime soon come true. 
I've never had a girlfriend longer than 2 months in person, long distance I can do for a long time but it gets too hard and eventually comes to and end. 

I want a girl who likes being with me because I am me. Who I can go to Lick with and just be with. 
I am so sick of just trying to pick up girls. 
I want a girl who, after I throw a party at my house will be the person to just stay at my house with me. 
Sure I would love to have sex on a somewhat regular basis, but I love cuddling and hand holding more than that sometimes. 
I just want to BE, and BE Happy and in love. 
I seriously feel like I have missed a few days of high school or something because I have never really had this. 
I was seeing someone a few weeks ago for a little bit but I got stood up, and apparently never talked too again. 
I'm over that, I just want someone real and wonderful. 

Maybe someday, I am just putting it out in the world.  


Hello Friends!

I am alive. Yep. Crazy eh.

This is just a short thing to get you all caught up with what has been going on with me.

- learning to play bass guitar. I finally decided to get one and an amp and learn how to play. It's so much fun I have no idea why I didnt do it earlier.

Songs I know already:
With or Without You - U2
Come As You Are - Nirvana
Rebellion - Arcade Fire
Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes (most of)

I'm learning a few more

- I made out with a really hot girl on New Year's Eve. This is after my friend was like "I don't worry about her, she makes friends fast" while referring to me. LOL 

- I have decided this year that perhaps some relationships I have aren't worth the time. Or maybe I am someone's friend and they are not my friend. So why bother. I am still a tiny bit conflicted about this decision but for the most part I feel better.

- My favorite movies from this fall are Up in the Air and Avatar. Both amazing on different levels.
  I wish George Clooney would have won the Golden Globe. 
  Although I was happy with Avatar winning Best Picture. It's just too amazing not too. 

- can't wait for Lost!!!!