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I want a girlfriend

I know this sounds pathetic, but maybe if I throw it out into the world it will sometime soon come true. 
I've never had a girlfriend longer than 2 months in person, long distance I can do for a long time but it gets too hard and eventually comes to and end. 

I want a girl who likes being with me because I am me. Who I can go to Lick with and just be with. 
I am so sick of just trying to pick up girls. 
I want a girl who, after I throw a party at my house will be the person to just stay at my house with me. 
Sure I would love to have sex on a somewhat regular basis, but I love cuddling and hand holding more than that sometimes. 
I just want to BE, and BE Happy and in love. 
I seriously feel like I have missed a few days of high school or something because I have never really had this. 
I was seeing someone a few weeks ago for a little bit but I got stood up, and apparently never talked too again. 
I'm over that, I just want someone real and wonderful. 

Maybe someday, I am just putting it out in the world.