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Hello Friends!

I am alive. Yep. Crazy eh.

This is just a short thing to get you all caught up with what has been going on with me.

- learning to play bass guitar. I finally decided to get one and an amp and learn how to play. It's so much fun I have no idea why I didnt do it earlier.

Songs I know already:
With or Without You - U2
Come As You Are - Nirvana
Rebellion - Arcade Fire
Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes (most of)

I'm learning a few more

- I made out with a really hot girl on New Year's Eve. This is after my friend was like "I don't worry about her, she makes friends fast" while referring to me. LOL 

- I have decided this year that perhaps some relationships I have aren't worth the time. Or maybe I am someone's friend and they are not my friend. So why bother. I am still a tiny bit conflicted about this decision but for the most part I feel better.

- My favorite movies from this fall are Up in the Air and Avatar. Both amazing on different levels.
  I wish George Clooney would have won the Golden Globe. 
  Although I was happy with Avatar winning Best Picture. It's just too amazing not too. 

- can't wait for Lost!!!!